2020 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Fabian Kochendoerfer

The concept is that time is not subjective or liquid or relative - like it could be interpreted from a Dali painting - but time is an illusion. Time is man made and is a fiction. Time does not exist. There is only the now. Only the present moment exists. The infinite presents that never ends. There is only timelessness. Timeless now. The black and white - shadow and light - background represents the yin and yang symbol: the cosmic unity of duality in symbiosis. Opposite elements like good and bad in harmonic balance. The clock is broken in half. The fiction of time stopped. There is only now.

I am creating polaroid art since the year 2000. I want to show the truth. I manually edit and manipulate the polaroids in my own original style. I show my polaroids without the matt frame in its most authentic true way. This artistic choice is in alignment with my message as an artist to expose the lie (matrix) and show reality, show the truth and wake people up. “In search for the truth and what’s real I scratch the surface and find out there is “nothing” behind it. Now I want to peel the skin off reality - exhibit the matrix - to show that the world is only an illusion. …” - MINIMAN