2020 / Fine Art / Portrait


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  • Photographer
    Victoria Campillo

COVID19, 2020 Known for her research on identity trough colour and form, the spanish photographer Victoria Campillo, began these series before the Covid crisis, inspired by a recent trip to Japan of her husband, she chose red colour as main chromatic subject, the same as the Japanese flag, in an intuitive manner. In her characteristic way of procedure, she started to collect red clothes- shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, etc…- trough second hand shops or gifts from relatives and started to do portraits of her husband, her usual model.

VICTORIA CAMPILLO www.victoriacampillo.com Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain Born Spain | 1957 He has exhibited his work at: Venecia, New York, Miami, Basilea, Berlín, París, Amsterdam, Bruselas, Viena, Turín, Frankfurt, Gante, Istambul, Madrid, San Sebastian, Tenerife, Valencia, Girona, Málaga, Santander, Santiago de Compostela y Barcelona.