2020 / Fine Art / Nudes

Where Is Adam?

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Cheraine Collette

In the beginning, we all lived peacefully together in a place called paradise. But over time, humans grew further apart from the animals. In this series we wonder how things could have been if we didn’t leave paradise, is there still a way to return? Is there a way to create a new? Will we find a way? Note: to prevent the use of animals for photographs, they have been digitally edited into the photographs.

Cheraine Collette, born in the Netherlands, graduated in 2015 in Photographic Design at the Fotovakschool University of Applied Photography. Cheraine is an emerging international award-winning fine art photographer. Essentially, she creates imaginary worlds from scratch. Composed of photographed parts of nature and locations across the globe. The Photographs contain real elements and traces of reality. Its location is undefinable, and by long labor of collecting and unifying different photographs, it unveils an imaginary reality.