2020 / Fine Art / Landscape

Nooi De Starm

  • Company
    Roos Photography
  • Photographer
    Maartje Roos

The island Schiermonnikoog. After the storm. My feeling, my imagination of the island of Schiermonnikoog. As I saw it and the characteristics that struck me. Recognizable nowadays, combined with old stories that were told to me. Beachcombing is of all times. More than half the annual income of the Stachouwer family in the 18th / 19th century came from beach robbing.Since the early 1930s, with the enactment of the Beach Law and the Wrecks Act, it's an exciting battle. Today, beachcombing it’s encouraged to dispose of waste. The title is in dialect of Schiermonnikoog to make attention to it.

Photo artist Maartje Roos Maartje Roos (1986), doesn’t take pictures, she creates images. Her narrative images are all manifestations of creating her own reality. This makes her demand the utmost of her creativity. An image always starts with a picture in her head. That picture will be transferred into a photo. This is not only a matter of quickly taking a photo; it is a long term process in which she is in charge of everything. Research, location, models, clothing, lighting, shooting and editing are all part of the process. She creates one photo out of multiple photos, using the digital pale