2020 / Fine Art / Collage

The Mystery of The Lost Mustache.Lost Time.

  • Company
    Julie Dubois(B.P)Photography
  • Photographer
    Julie Dubois(B.P)Photography

This story tells us about the importance of remembering our ancestors and their histories. This story is about a young lady Clara, a writer, who wanted to preserve the memory of her grandfather and was writing a book based on his diaries. In the process of writing a book, the heroine immerses herself into the world which as it turned out was the last escape of her ancestor and learns the secret of her grandfather ...

My name is Julie. I became interested in photography as a child, watching a film about a girl who became a famous photographer. At first it was a hobby, but with age the hobby grew into a professional activity. After graduating from the Moscow school of modern photography "Photoplay", I plunged into the world of photography and began my career. For me, creating a photo is not just an interesting process, it is an art. I draw inspiration from old Hollywood movies, classical music, painting and the world around us. The uniqueness of the frames I create is that I create a new world for my heroes.