2020 / Fine Art / Collage

Guilin Misty Peaks

  • Photographer
    Sherwin Magsino

I remember the first time seeing the karst mountains of Guilin was in an old Chinese painting displayed on my grandma's wall when I was a kid. Fast forward to 2019, I was given an opportunity to visit and photograph the magical landscape of Guilin. Seeing it for the first time in person felt like I was instantly transported back in time in that very room where I first saw the painting. Guilin's landscape was like a giant painting in front of me. And that's where the inspiration of this photograph came from—recreating my memory through the captured reality.

Win Magsino is a professional landscape and commercial photographer from Manila, Philippines. His foray into the creative industry started with his own business which provides graphic design and web development services. As a landscape photographer, Win has won numerous photography awards from National Geographic, Skylum, WPPI, and other organizations. Win is also an official Fujifilm X-Photographer, Skylum Software Ambassador, Nisi Ambassador and Nat Geo Contributor.