2020 / Fine Art / Collage

Lost In Tension

  • Company
    Imverbund Gmbh
  • Photographer
    Andreas Kremer

The Japanese culture amazes and fascinates us with its supposed contrasts. Chaos, masses, narrowness, noise, and neon contrasts with great discipline, courtesy, people striving for harmony. Space constraints and the long hours worked predominantly by men make for a life lived mostly in public, almost without intimacy and desire. But the strict order is offset by debauchery and excess. The series tries to put these tension in a nutshell.

Influenced by artists such as Daido Moriyama, Andreas Kremer has been looking for the special gaze on his trips to the metropolises. The fascination culminated in his first photobook TENSION in 2019. In parallel, he was fascinated as well by the monumental scenes of Andreas Gursky. In contrast to street photography, which crops a “section” of the world, Kremer's desire to be a “picture maker” like a painter is what drives him more and more. This wish culminated in his current group of works "The Last Resort" in 2021, in which he used the collage technique in a modern, digital form.