2020 / Fine Art / Abstract

Blue Fugue

  • Company
    Paul Brouns Photography
  • Photographer
    Paul Brouns

In 2018-2019 I was working on a commission from the City Archive in my home town (Almere, near Amsterdam) to visualise the architecture of this place. Because it is a young city, created on an artificial island that used to be open sea, I took my creative liberty to create a collection of 24 compositions in which I molded the city into my own visual world. This blue work was one of my favourite results to come out of this. I was struck by the rhythm of a facade and built an imaginary cityscape out of it.

I am an artist from Holland and I live and work near Amsterdam. I started out as a painter and graphical artist but since the development of digital photography my camera and the computer have become my main tools for creation. Rhythm, color and geometry are recurring themes in my photographic work and architecture has proven to be an ideal subject for this. As a photographer. I am attracted by the abstract, rhythmic expression of buildings. The aim of my work is the creation of a feast of dancing shadows, sunlit reflections or colour combinations that hopefully will visually enchant you.