2020 / People / Wedding (Non-Pro)

With Cherry Blossoms

  • Company
    Ibata Orthopedic Clinic
  • Photographer
    Iwao Ibata

April in Japan is the most beautiful time for cherry blossoms. Looking at the beautiful cherry blossoms, there was a beautiful woman and eyes. It was more beautiful than cherry blossoms.

MD?Ph.D. Keio University School of Medicine Born in 1961, I have visited 80 countries. Recently I am interested in Japanese culture that even Japanese people do not know. Japan had the world's largest fish market in Tsukiji, but recently moved to Toyosu. It was a sacred place for fish that supported Japanese food culture. I made a photo book of Tsukiji. I am also interested in Wagyu beef, which is popular around the world. I am looking at Japan from the perspective of Japanese and foreigners. I was surprised that there were still prostitutes from the Edo period, and I applied for that photo.