2020 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)

Suspended Shadows

  • Photographer
    Andrea Taschin

Spring 2020-I shot the images from the terrace of my apartment in Florence during the covid19 lockdown. Few people pass through the street for shopping, going to work, walking the dog, throwing the trash. I propose images of shadows deprived of the body and of the objects that generated them, shadows suspended in a timeless time, visual metaphors of anguish and anxiety of this period and as representation of an absence. The shadows wander alone and converge together towards a single attractor, an empty space, a vortex, a sign of a common anguish or a collective hope for a still missing answer

Andrea Taschin was born in Venice in 1971 and lives in Florence from many years. Taschin has a great passion for photography since many years, and he is also an enthusiast and expert in color science and digital color management. He is a photographer who has acquired advanced knowledge of photography and postproduction by consulting several books, websites and photography forums and attending numerous workshops held by professional photographers. His photography is conceptual/creative. He is a member of Gruppo Fot. Rifredi Immagine (FI) and reviewer at Slow Watching Photo-Art Movement group.