2020 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)

Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas

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    Win Tun Naing

Preparing bamboo ribs, fabric and bamboo materials and etc before Myanmar umbrellas making. Bamboo material need to be cut into bamboo ribs which should be dyed. Next is to assemble process of each component, bamboo ribs line on the wooden parts by using rope, components can open and close the skeleton. After folding and forming on the basis of the type and design of the umbrella, the paint would be colored and dried. Finally use silk thread and metal components for final decoration. Myanmar traditional umbrellas are necessities for protection the sun, cultural ceremonies and souvenirs.

Win Tun Naing (Burmese: ??????????????) was born in Myanmar (Burma). He has been interested in photography for many years, but he only started shooting a few years ago. He enjoys travel photography which is for nature, people, cultures, customs, and architectural.