2020 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

The Life of Intha People

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  • Photographer
    Win Tun Naing

There are three part of the life of the Intha People which is Leg-Rowing Fishermen, Lotus weaving and Floating Market at Inle Lake in Myanmar. The traditional fisherman still use the leg rowing technique which they stand at the stern and wrap one leg round an oar whilst gripping the hull of the boat with the other foot. The weavers use an old hand loom to make colorful lotus fabric into the product. Fabric and skeins make dramatic visual drying outside. Floating markets is a regular food market, full of locals buying and selling veggies, fruit, betel leaves, rice, spices, and more.

Win Tun Naing (Burmese: ??????????????) was born in Myanmar (Burma). He has been interested in photography for many years, but he only started shooting a few years ago. He enjoys travel photography which is for nature, people, cultures, customs, and architectural.