2020 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

Childhood The Beautiful Station of Life

  • Company
    Rupali Bank Ltd
  • Photographer
    Pinu Rahman

Photographs showing Childhood of a rural area where technology doesn't lays its warm hands so that essence of childhood is very innocent here. Gazette is less important there than friends and laugh.In this picture, those children are playing football and enjoying their time on the bank of a river. Aerial moments here created a heavenly feelings. After begins the journey of life trains childhood actually a beautiful pause till the last station of death.

Pinu Rahman a versatile photographer based in Dhaka Bangladesh.He is a die hard photographer nearly 8 years.Professionally he is a banker.His passion and profession never converged, but he has been able to parallelly exit in both worlds.A banker by profession,he kept his artistic drive for photography alive and nurtured it which brought some accolades and recognition both national and international .Among them One of the most prestigious award last year he achieved for Bangladesh in the ‘Best of Nation’ category from World Photographic Cup 2019 jointly organised by Europe and America.