2020 / People / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Tattooed Women of Chin

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Win Tun Naing

The Chin people are Sino-Tibetan ethnolinguistic group native to Chin State of Myanmar. There are four facial tattoo patterns in the Chin State. The M’uun women are the most easily recognisable, with large looping “P” or “D” shapes on their faces and “Y” symbols on their foreheads. M’kaan tribes women sport a spotted tattoo pattern forming lines on their forehead. Daa(Yindu) Chin women tattoos consist of vertical lines, including on their eyelids. Daai women display a face covered with dots that are mixed with vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead and cheeks.

Win Tun Naing (Burmese: ??????????????) was born in Myanmar (Burma). He has been interested in photography for many years, but he only started shooting a few years ago. He enjoys travel photography which is for nature, people, cultures, customs, and architectural.