2020 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)

Within The Clouds

  • Photographer
    Dominique Weiss

For this series I travelled to Southern Tyrol, Dolomites. I chose this location as the front rock is perfectly lining up with the pointy and rough rock structures in the back. I had to mountain hike to the location and wait two days within dense clouds for the perfect conditions to occur, when the clouds broke open at the front rock and semi circled the alpine peaks in the back simultanously to create this dramatic nature scene. This moment lasted for a few minutes only. I created this series out of my passion for the astonishing beauty of the European alps regions for other people to see.

Dominique is a multi award winning fine art photographer, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes and the magic those giants embody. Playing with light and shadow, different perspectives and techniques to tell emotionally captivating photographic stories is her signature. Her photographs take beholders on a journey to higher grounds, were the air is fresh and filled with the scent of new beginnings, portraiying the beauty of nature in her purest form.