2020 / Nature / Aerial (Non-Pro)

Earth’S Rainbow

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  • Photographer
    Enrico Pescantini

Nature is always showing us as the greatest painter of all time: in the Peruvian Andes, a unique mineral composition and million of years of wind and rains created the Rainbow Mountains, a true wonder of nature. It is indeed a “sad” discovery made only recently, due to the melting of snow and ice that once covered them.

Born in Italy, but a citizen of the world, Enrico Pescantini has visited over 66 countries in the world, experimenting with all kind of photography. Currently living in Milan, where he works on its exhibitions, partnerships with tourism boards and of course, the next travel destination. Enrico Pescantini’s photography is defined by vibrant colours and different perspectives, using drone, digital and underwater photography to give the audience an immersive experience of each travel destination, that can’t be confined in just one point of view.