2020 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

Endangered Beauty

  • Photographer
    Jason Stewart

I was on vacation with my family when I noticed this beautiful Green Sea Turtle resting on the beach. I really appreciate the beautiful colors within this photo and the storm clouds brewing overhead, as there is powerful symbolism in the struggle that this amazing creature has experienced over the years, due to the fact that the Green Sea Turtle was once considered in real danger of extinction. But Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles have seen a dramatic increase in population under the protection of the U.S. Endangered Species Act, which of course is credited to the hard work of conservationists.

I have been passionate about the craft of photography since a very young age, and was fortunate to have a darkroom in my home throughout my high school years to help further develop my photography skills and fuel my passion as a photographer. Though my passions lie in Wildlife and Nature Photography, that most certainly does not define who I am as a photographer, as I find great joy in capturing any and all forms of life, as long as the subject has a story to tell, or beauty to be revealed.