2020 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

Invearth. Synchrony

  • Photographer
    Simone Arrigoni

If you are a tiny creature and are the target of many deadly predators, you have to find an excellent defense strategy. In this, the starlings are true masters: coordinating their movements within large flocks, they dance in the sky in unison pretending to be a single entity that confuses and escapes its predators’ hunt. For the fifth series of the InvEarth project I took in long exposure their flight in the autumnal sunsets of Rome, allowing designs to emerge in the sky as if the starlings were a myriad of pencils in the hand of a single painter.

Simone Arrigoni is a classical pianist, multiple Freediving World Record holder and successful photographer. He holds more than 150 awards in the most prestigious International Photo Contests, such as the 1st Prize in NTU 2017 by Singapore's Nanyang Technological University & National Geographic. He was appointed FIOF Italian Photography Ambassador in China 2017-2019 and has been Underwater Photography Festival Ambassador since 2019. His works have been published in books, magazines and catalogues, as well as being collected and exhibited worldwide, from USA to Japan via Europe and China