2020 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)

The Sleeping Beauty Dancer

  • Photographer
    Fabrizio Micheli

Stella is a real dancer and I took the opportunity to shoot this series in the park of an old Italian villa where the trees are all bent in the same directions and there are a series of fallen trunks and logs. The light filtering from the brances creates some interesting spots in the darkness of the park and she was so kind to pose naked and dance on the textured logs. We imagined "The Sleeping Beauty", kissed by her Prince, while waking up and starting with her dance.

I always loved photography, since the first small plastic, fixed focus, camera: a present from my mother. My first reflex (film) came at high school...... a dream made truth after a long time and huge saving efforts. Then university came. I always interacted with "Science" , something which is a strange and obscure subject for most people. A way, for me, to look into nature and things. Like through the lens of a camera. When I moved to digital, I found a new world, but the same passion as ever.