2020 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)

Comfort Zone

  • Photographer
    Alex Tsarfin

I often avoid eye contact in the photos I take. Without eye contact, the whole mood of the image changes ā€“ the camera is now simply an observer and this is a great opportunity to show a subject in a different way. Because the subject is looking past the camera, it introduces an element of the unknown into the photo. There's no way to pinpoint exactly what has captured the person's attention. This unresolved aspect can create an alluring sort of tension in the photo that allows the viewer to project their own thoughts and assumptions onto the situation and person depicted.

Award-winning multi-genre photographer from Haifa, Israel. Although the working methods in each genre are completely different, to me, there is little difference in the end result. In each case Iā€™m looking to be moved by the image and I hope for the viewer to recognize something of themselves in the image too.