2020 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Andreas Theologitis

Through my path to photography i am influenced from my profession as an architect. Shooting for a long period now fine art nudes, i am fascinated in the shape, the lines, the light of a body as a sculpture. The use of a mirror in the neutral environment of the studio push this vision and gives unexpected angles of view. Kaleidoscope, as a study of the body, involves the process of construction into photography. Using multiple unique photographs, for achieving the final result, plays also with the spectator who needs to stay, read, discover and finally interpret the image in his own way.

Andreas Theologitis is an architect and urban planner. He studied in Belgium in the 80’s where he had the opportunity to take part in projects that marked the urban texture of the city. In the early 90’s he returned to Greece where he still participates in architectural and urban projects. His involvement in photography dates from the age of the dark- room. His work has been exhibited in various galleries in Athens, Brussels, London, Washington DC, L.A., New York City. He has been awarded in several photography competitions.