2020 / Editorial / Personality

Revolutionary Tattoo

  • Company
    Polish Journalists Association
  • Photographer
    Witold Dobrowolski

Paul Lai during revolutionary tattoo session in Hong Kong. Lai grew up in Hong Kong, and then left to the USA to get education. He returned to his hometown after 12 years as a photojournalist in September 2019 to cover ongoing protests. The tattoo has elements characteristic for the Hong Kong revolution such as a numbrella, gas mask and worker helmet. It stands out from other revolutionary tattoos by the inscription "Press" on the worker helmet.

Freelance journalist and photographer based in Poland. Graduated East European Studies on Warsaw University. Member of Polish Journalists Association. Focused on conflict areas. Covered Revolution in Ukraine and war in Donbas in 2014-2018. In 2019-2020 covered Hong Kong and Lebanese protests.