2020 / Editorial / Personality

Teenager Protester Arrested

  • Company
    Polish Journalists Association
  • Photographer
    Witold Dobrowolski

Frontliner protester being examined by two riot police officers after his group was crushed during escape from protests in New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin, Hongkong.The most determined group of Hong Kong protests that have been going on for 7 months is youth. Every weekend, thousands of young people university and secondary school students dressed in black went out to the streets to protest. Such high activity of young people on the streets results from the lack of commitments and work, as is the case with older students. The youngest arrested frontline protestor was twelve.

Freelance journalist and photographer based in Poland. Graduated East European Studies on Warsaw University. Member of Polish Journalists Association. Focused on conflict areas. Covered Revolution in Ukraine and war in Donbas in 2014-2018. In 2019-2020 covered Hong Kong and Lebanese protests.