2020 / Editorial / Personality

Unkown Woman On The Road

  • Company
    Polish Journalists Association
  • Photographer
    Witold Dobrowolski

Woman sitting on crash barrier on the road after the morning clashes between students and police at City University of Hong Kong. On 12 November students started the occupation of universities in Hongkong to protest against police brutality and to paralyze the city by building roadblocks. Police tried to remove them at early morning from the crossroad in front of City University but students resistance force the police units to pull back. Day before during the attempt to block the road as part of a strike of Hong Kong citizens the student was shot by a policeman.

Freelance journalist and photographer based in Poland. Graduated East European Studies on Warsaw University. Member of Polish Journalists Association. Focused on conflict areas. Covered Revolution in Ukraine and war in Donbas in 2014-2018. In 2019-2020 covered Hong Kong and Lebanese protests.