2020 / Editorial / Fashion

Fast Backstage

  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Pons

Fashion is beauty, Fashion is Perfection, Fashion is Woman, Fashion is Business, Fashion is Sex, Fashion is everything people want to have in their life, but "normal" people don't know how Fashion is very fast and stressed. When you stay in the backstage of the high end brands during the Milan Fashion Week you feel people like chips that fry in hot oil. You feel like in the center of Manhattan with yellow cabs stop and go uploading and downloading customers running for something. Level of anxiety is very hight because in two minutes of fast ephemeral brands are playing a year of investment.

He was born in 1971 in Milan, the city where he currently lives, dividing himself between the activity of sales manager and photographer. He is a ISP (Italian street photography)collaborator and member of the WSP (World Street Photography) community, he is part of the WPJA - Wedding Photojournalist Association and produces wedding reports. Giuseppe is facing the street, for him an en plain air theater. With his machine he defies the gaze of passersby in search of the perfect image. Among his myths Martin Parr. Extraordinary compositions from which Pons has learned how to draw.