2020 / Architecture / Interiors


  • Company
    Davide Perbellini
  • Photographer
    Davide Perbellini

I am traveling, looking for new points of view. On my path in South Tirol, in the north of Italy, I meet a series of churches, which enclose geographies of daily lives. I meet them and they meet me, welcome me into their spaces, in their extended intimacy, made of light, space and symmetries: a punctuation of gazes, rituals, and traditions. These spaces meet my view that questions, compares and juxtaposes them, looking for assonances and contrasts, balances and absences in my gaze as in theirs.

Born in Merano in 1990. Between 2010 and 2012, he moved to Milan where, in addition to attending a photography course, he worked as an assistant photographer for some local studios. From 2014 he has been dedicating himself exclusively to architectural photography. A pupil of Marco Introini, he focuses his photographic research on the understanding and analysis of the natural and urban territories, always trying to build a relationship between architecture and the surroundings. He currently lives in Merano and works mainly in the north of Italy, collaborating with architecture studios.