2020 / Architecture / Buildings

City Dolmens (Memories of The Future)

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Jesús M.Chamizo

"Memories of a future time are drawn in front of us, like city dolmens that flood our skies" They suggest the appearance of a time that is close but not yet happened, perhaps a certain familiarity and closeness in its forms and at the same time, a distant and silent sensation. A new world to discover, that as a dream, we imagine in our future memories. (Compositions and recreations of some buildings in the "City" of London)

"BEYOND WHAT WE SEE, THERE IS WHAT WE ARE ABLE TO PERCEIVE" Madrid, 1961 His passion for art and architecture join forces to create images that aim to convey the essence of what we perceive. "I use imagination and fantasy as tools to show that other reality, sometimes latent and other times, as a speculation that, based on knowledge of the real, shows us new scenarios, making the improbable possible"