2020 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)


  • Company
    Philippe Sarfati
  • Photographer
    Philippe Sarfati

Venice is a city of superlatives, idealized by the entire world. However, first contact with the urban masterpiece often inspires contradictory feelings. This series is an attempt at representing these conflicting emotions, by using double exposures, (mis)matching two images of the same space. The project uses contrasting opposites, day and night, saturation and tranquility, reality and fantasy, merging them together. Dual photographs reveal the Renaissance architecture, the rich textures and spatial qualities of the city, through an obscuring crowd - revealing our impact on public space.

Philippe Sarfati is a french architect and independant photographer. After graduating, he moved from Paris to Rotterdam, to work as an architect with a dutch firm. In the following year, his photography series 'Territories', infusing architecture photography with street photography methods, was selected in several international photography competitions and festivals, and he established himself as a photographer. He is now working on a photography book centered on this project.