2020 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Short Stay In Armenia

  • Photographer
    Andrzej Lipinski

Four days are not enough to get to know any country, but with a little mindfulness and openness you can see many truths, such as respect for tradition and family, devotion to God, pride in our own difficult history, worship of nature, which WE, today Western people, voluntarily give in the name of a "better" life. In the shadow of the holy Mount Ararat, true stories, legends and beliefs meet, which to this day occupy an important place in the hearts of Noah's descendants, giving them strength in difficult moments of history.

I love to do street photography, city and landscapes without any plan. That's why I run a profile on instagram #onedayoneplaceoneshot. I am guided by motto "instruments don't matter". I'm non professional photographer . My standard gear is Fuji X100f and phone. Zoom is not acceptable!