2020 / Editorial / Political (Non-Pro)

Beautifully Hung

  • Photographer
    Sofia Conti

This image was taken whilst documenting the world of mass food production within the meat industry. Here I wanted to examine what goes on from the animals arriving on site, the kill to the end product. It was important to try and find unique and interesting ways to educated the general population on where the food originates from and what processes take place to get the dish on the plate. As this is a sensitive subject I wanted to find a way to create images that show how precious and beautiful this food source is and are we taking this for granted by our need for greed.

I am in my 3rd and final year of BA Professional Photography where I am focusing my attention on the Documentary genre. I want to focus my attention on social awareness issues by telling an intriguing story that will not only aesthetically please the viewer but re-educate them on the subject matter. The imagery I create consists of candid moments, environmental portraits and interesting perspectives on the day to day lives people lead.