2020 / Editorial / Environmental (Non-Pro)

Xylella - The Green Epidemic

  • Photographer
    Raffaele Gianluca Colonnese

"The disinformation on Xylella caused delays in the measures for a stop the progression of the olive disease ". Alexander Purcell, Professor at the University of Berkeley (CA) (image 6). The National Research Council of Italy, found an abnormal drying in an olive grove of Southern Italy. Since 2013, the disease in Puglia has spread at a speed of 2 km for month, destroying trees that have even 600 years old, making a disastrous and dead landscape in all the affected areas. After 7 years the epidemic continues to advance. In the image red/green you see the batterius of Xylella still live (green)

I'm Gianluca, graduated in humanistic disciplines and specialized in anthropology, photojournalism and documentary photography. Currently my long-term projects involve 2 territories, Italy and Argentina. In Italy I'm developing a project to child disability, legal Marijuana and new paganism. In Argentina I'm working on a project about the Gauchos and cattle breeding traditions.