2020 / Book / Documentary (Non-Pro)

N II The Necropolis Project Volume II

  • Photographer
    Susanne Junker

The study of death, time, and transitoriness is one of the oldest and most essential themes in philosophy, religion, and art. The »Necropolis Project« as a research project focuses on visual forms of memory of war, death, destruction, loss, time - and the Holocaust. We, also students, examine symbols, ciphers, allegories, and traumatic places with photographs. These »images« are on the streets and squares of Berlin, on bridges, in front gardens, on facades, at memorial sites, in cemeteries, and parks. Volume II, 232 pages, 33 cm x 28 cm x 3,5 cm, 467 images, published as print-on-demand.

The Necropolis Project is a research project in Berlin concentrating on visualization of WWII, mass graves and Holocaust. I am the project's initiator and director, however, there are more than 150 architecture students, volunteers and supporters to work for exhibitions, presentations and publications.