2020 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism (Non-Pro)

Students Visiting The Teotihuacan Pyramids

  • Company
    Independent Photographer
  • Photographer
    Kathleen Gerber

Teotihuacan Pyramids is also called the "birthplace of the gods" and is an amazing ancient Meso-american city located 30 miles from Mexico City. It was the largest urban center of Meso-america almost 1,000 years before the Aztecs. These pyramids are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are a once in a lifetime experience. This image was shot with an infrared camera with used the "invisible" spectrum of light. This black and white version of this process emphasizes the leading lines of the students descending towards the "Pyramid of the Sun." Mexico

I have always appreciated photography have spent decades exploring and refining my eye for seeing, respecting, and capturing the beauty around me. In fact my journey with photography has exposed me to some amazing moments that frankly are not sufficiently captured with the lens but are powerful memories that stay with me. I have found myself drawn to photo essays since still photography is a powerful way to translate conditions and experiences between different cultures. I am motivated and dedicated to using my skills as a photographer to tell powerful and meaningful stories that evokes action