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More Equal Than Different (1)

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    Isabel Nolasco
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    Isabel Nolasco

I've visited Iran last September on my photography course internship. My kind of photography is travel and street photography, so I was after the people and interacted with them, trying to know more about their lives and culture. I realized they are like me, we all people of the world are the same, regardless of what the world may say. Irani people are warm, welcoming, and I felt home.

My name is Isabel Nolasco and I am Portuguese. I've lived in Asia for 10 years and am currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. I traveled the world and keep traveling and documenting my adventures with my photography and writing. I specialize in street, documental and travel photography. My photography captures the way I see the world through. The moments, the experiences. Travels, adventure, life, a look into and throughout the wonders of this planet we call home, the people and the human condition in it.