2020 / Fine Art / Nudes

M. | Moving

  • Company
    Claudio Ahlers Photography
  • Photographer
    Claudio Ahlers

This is a photograph of Micha - a friend and martial artist. Micha and I had worked together on nudes before on three separate oaccasions. For this studio shoot I decided to photograph her using a slow shutter speed to capture her grace, athleticism and love of movement. Though she only started having her photographs taken in the nude when we began working together, Micha had radiated a profound presence in the moment and a deep awareness of how to express emotions through movement from the very beginning. I feel much of her natural expressiveness is captured in this powerful frame.

It is people that are at the centre of my photographic enquiry: their vulnerabilities, uniqueness, complex emotional worlds and physical manifestations of the workings of their minds and souls, which inspire and engage me. Incorporating techniques of fragmentation and diffusion at the point of capture helps me to create new and engaging ways for audiences to view traditional subject matter, and also allows my subjects to experience themselves in new and unexpected ways. To date my work has been shown in Tokyo, Berlin, Cincinnati, Miami, Paducah, Kentucky and Bristol UK.