2020 / Fine Art / Abstract

Virus and Host

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    Lens Photography

A year ago, at the beginning of 2019, LenS photography started a collaboration with the Project VirusKenner. VirusKenner is a project for students to gain knowledge about viruses. Of course, we could never have predicted that the whole world would be captivated by a virus, the Corona virus, a year later. The Corona Virus does make it very clear how necessary and relevant the VirusKenner project is. For VirusKenner, LenS photography went in search of a way to display the concept of virus in a visual, creative way. For more information visit the Viruskenner website https://en.viruskenner.nl/

LenS-Photography LenS stands for Linda Grool and Sabine Heetebrij, we are LenS photography since 2008. We both graduated in 2015 from the Photo Academy Amsterdam, and we work professional as an individual photographer and as a duo. Linda Grool creates her own images consisting of various layers of self-photographed material. Themes such as impermanence and decay are regularly reflected in the work of Sabine Heetebrij. Preferably in an abstract way and especially where there are no people involved and the decay is natural.