2020 / People / Portrait

Am I Not Scared Anymore?

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  • Photographer
    Sergei Stroitelev

About 55 thousand cases of breast cancer are detected in Russia every year - this is a lot. And behind the statistics and figures are the stories of thousands of women who fight with the disease every day. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, not only surgery is important, but also the condition after. First of all, this is hard emotional work, the process of accepting new body, the process of dealing with fears. Is it possible to eradicate them to the end, is it necessary? The characters of the project are 8 women who have overcome or still struggling with breast cancer.

Born in Leningrad, Russia 26/06/1985. I am a freelance documentary photographer based in Saint-Petersburg. At the moment my photographic interests lie in the areas of violation of human rights such as gender, racial and health prejudice, aftermath of conflicts (particularly migration), environmental pollution which I explore with the help of different visual languages and my personal experience. I also teach photography at Fotografika academy in Saint-Petersburg.