2020 / Advertising / Fashion


  • Company
    Sadi Collectif
  • Photographer
    Yves Sambu Dinzenza

« Vanitas » project (2010- in going) is a series comprising of photographs and videos that takes as its subject « La Sape » and Congolese « sapeurs » (dandies). Sambu’s portrait-subjects are depicted in cemeteries, bars, streets, and in private shops and work-places. At the onset of « Vanitas » project, Yves Sambu wanted the exhibition to be structured around several elements. The dimensions that form « Vanitas » are multiple: from the sacred to the playful, from the festive to "socio-poetic" commitment, from competitive rivalry to artistic expression to self-esteem.

Yves SAMBU lives and works in kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2007; received his degree in Plastic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa. Anchored in late post-modern conceptualism, Sambu’s aesthetic vision has several facets with visible impacts. Taking on a distinct political-ethnographic cast, his artworks are concrete visual manifestations and interactive artistic interventions that pertain to vital and often troubling Congolese socio-cultural and economic issues. Yves Sambu’s art practice is grounded in photography, video and all kinds of artistic mediumsas