2020 / Advertising / Self-Promotion

When A Woman Wants to Impress ...

  • Company
    Sean Glacio
  • Photographer
    Sean Glacio

This image was taken during a fashion shooting with the new promising italian model Aline Bruno. Her natural beauty and skills lead me to experiment some fashion nude images with an impressive result. This image wants to represent an extreme example of what a woman need to do to impress the stage. At the present time, fashion is every day more provocative and nudity became almost normality. In this image I wanted to stress this concept of provocation letting the model only with her boots.

I'm a freelance photographer working all round Italy. I particularly like to catch feminine beauty in all of its shades and my images range from fashion to fine art portraits. I participated to some international contests (PRO level) with a lot of nominations and awards and I had publications in various fashion magazines. Now I am in a new phase of my life as a photographer. I want to give my portraits a deep and knowable meaning "asking" my images to spread energy and emotions and sometimes denouncing what I see happening to our world - like solitude, prejudices or social problems.