2020 / People / Self-Portrait

Selfisolation Together

  • Photographer
    Kristin Schnell

The photos visualise the development of the relationship between my adult daughter and me. Due to the corona crisis we had the possibility to spend the longest time together after almost 8 years, as my daughter usually lives in England and I live in Germany. The crisis turned out to be a case of luck for our relationship as we now have enough time to experience the development of the other again, and that in real time and not just virtually via digital communication.

I moved from the city of Berlin to the countryside on the Baltic Sea last year.I now have a large piece of land and with it I was able to fulfill my dream of a bird aviary to breed parakeets and budgies.I was admitted to "lensculture" in the masterclass 2019/2020 in last September, so I decided that I would work out my "bird project", find out why I need these birds for my life and also try to photograph my love for other people.Maybe even being able to show other people how carefully we should treat other life beings because they are a wonderful treasure on earth.