2020 / Nature / Landscapes

Morning Creatures

  • Company
    Ed Carreon Photography
  • Photographer
    Ed Carreom

Morning along wetland shores in the Pacific Northwest.

In the beginning he aspired to smuggle gems from Sri Lanka and live on the island of Fatu Hiva where Gauguin painted. Instead moved to Micronesia and got lost for two years. Fell in lust. Slid down a coconut tree; very painful. Saw a blue moon. Was attacked by sharks but got lucky. Built houses, speared fish, Fell in love. Went home empty handed. Went to school, got bored then graduated. Lived in Mexico, fell in love, got drunk with a cartel hit man. Lived in Indian village, broke two ribs, lost all his money on a cock fight, got lost in a cave but now is found. Published widely acclaimed work