2020 / Nature / Underwater (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Daichi Ito

August 26th, 2019. In Kagawa prefecture, Japan. When I was here, I felt like taking a picture that represented Japan. The common carp is known as Japan's symbol fish, and even in English the name "Koi fish" is understood. You can also write the word "koi" using the character for "love" in Japanese. I decided to take a photo of a koi among more bustling koi fish. All while hoping for that happiness to come.

Born and raised in Ehime, Japan in 1984. Graduate the film school in 2010 in LA, CA. After returning to Tokyo, I lost my favorite digital camera, and thus I began mainly taking photos with a film camera I had from a university class. Simultaneously, I worked freelance making videos and music videos for businesses. I like taking photos of people and animals. This stance has not changed for about 15 years. The time, place, environment, and moment were created because I was there to create it, and the captured moment can sometimes tell a greater story than a video.