2020 / (Non-Pro)

Glitter and Glamour

  • Photographer
    Kevin De Vree
  • Agency / Studio

This curious Reef Squid is glowing with colors as it comes to take a look at the camera, it’s glittering colors pop nicely against the black water. I found this squid underneath tons of plastic and ramshackle fishing vessels while diving the polluted harbor of Ambon. It took me 3 hours to get the picture I envisioned as I had to slowly gain it’s trust and tickle it’s curiosity. To me this picture proves that, with dedication and persistence, it is possible to find natural beauty in even the most unlikely places.

Kevin De Vree is an underwater and travel photographer with a passion for ocean and wildlife conservation. He is co-founder of BeyondandBelow.com, which features evocative photographic journeys through the natural and cultural diversity of our planet.