2020 / (Non-Pro)

Brain Damage

  • Photographer
    Michele Di Donato

BRAIN DAMAGE is made up of four projects; four chapters, "Craving", "Doppelgänger", "Lost in the K-Hole", "Rorschach", focusing on different and autonomous psychological themes, connected to each other by the constant presence of three fundamental elements: lack, desire, suffering. What the author during the many years of research and work could not record instantly, as in the case of "Craving" and "Rorschach", he first imagined it and then portrayed in the manner of "Doppelgänger" and "Lost in the K-Hole". Not only reportage, then, make up the book, but also royalty.

Michele Di Donato prefers the use of conceptual photography which provides him with a more focused idea of what his finished image will look like. This assures his initial understanding of the image and his vision of the completed photographic piece.He focuses his energy on the emotions that he feels in relation to the setting that he is photographing and the perception that he is trying to depict.This becomes his foundation in which his creative boundaries including: colour, angle, and structure are easily customisable, allowing him to play with certain elements.