2020 /

Scotland – Historic and Beautiful

  • Photographer
    Miguel Franco Botticelli

This long-term project is about the historic architecture and the beautiful nature of Scotland. Using historical methods, I designed my own Camera Obscura (Tent Camera). The image, which is projected by the Camera Obscura on the ground, I photograph with analog or digital technology. The ultimate goal is to create works of exquisite texture and great plasticity. The ground is an integral part of the image, taken directly from the camera. Everything without double exposure or composing in post production.

Miguel Franco Botticelli is a professional Architecture and Art Photographer. He is of German nationality of Spanish/Italian descent. At George Eastman Museum Rochester, USA and in Germany he studied historic processes of photography. 2012 he graduated as filmmaker at New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, USA. 2020 European Cultural Center (ECC), Venice, Italy – Six month exhibition „Time, Space, Existence“ at Palazzo Mora, in the context of the Venice Biennale 2020. 2018.19 Arte Laguna Prize / Venice IT – Group exhibition in Photographic Art.