2020 / (Non-Pro)

Vertical Living

  • Photographer
    Katherine Young
  • Agency / Studio

More than 80% of Singapore's population live in public housing (HDB) flats. These flats are located in housing estates which are self-contained satellite towns with schools, supermarkets, hawker centres and sports facilities. Each public housing block is considered a vertical community with common area built to promote social interaction. They have become an integral part of Singapore and their architecture is something I find very interesting. One of such developments that caught my attention is located in Yung Kuang Road.

I’m an avid, amateur fine art photographer currently based in London. I began my own journey with travel photography, aiming to capture the essence of each of the places I visited. Inspired by the contemporary environment of Singapore, I later focused my attention on cityscapes and architecture. More recently, I find myself attracted to nature and seascapes.