2019 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

Save The Girl Child

  • Photographer
    Mona Singh

'Save the girl child' is a social campaign started by the government of India that aims to address the issue of declining child sex ratio. In many parts of the country girls are considered as a curse & are not treated equally in the male dominated societies. This campaign encourages to treat girls as blessing for the society & reason for the continuation of life in the world. It encourages girls to study & work towards the welfare of the girl child. This series is very close to my heart. It shows the sad & dark side of our society where innocence is killed even before it starts its journey.

Gurgaon, (India) based street/ travel photographer. Capturing emotions is one the most important parts of my work. I feel strongly about making  photographs that i can connect with. Even though it is the emotions of my subjects that i am documenting, I find a reflection of myself in them. My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light. Photography is the love of my life and travelling is like blood in my veins.  I love waking up to new horizons, making new friends and exploring the world.