2019 / Nature / Seasons (Non-Pro)

Last Witness

  • Photographer
    Fabio Galvez

This photograph was taken in November 2018 in the province of Teruel (Spain). The present mist and the focal distance (100mm) allowed me to isolate a tree from its surroundings whilst letting the grove a few meters behind it lightly visible. This way, perspective is achieved and the fabulous atmosphere of that morning in which the photo was taken is enhanced.

Passionate about photography on all its disciplines although I have recently been dedicating myself more in depth to landscapes. Prior to my initiation in this hobby, photography was just a way I had to take home a memento of those places I travel to and visited. Today, photography is the reason why I travel and visit places. Always trying to capture the best light and the best atmosphere. One of my favourite places to do this is Northern Spain as this is an area of many contrasts and has the most beautiful landscapes in the country