2019 / Fine Art / Still Life (Non-Pro)

Memory Box: Things and Facts

  • Photographer
    Young Lee

Like Photographs, memory is often subjective and selective. An event may be recalled differently by people, by circumstances, and by passing of time. In my imaginary space with strange shadows, pieces of memories shown as small photos of things presently in my house are hung on a line dangling, and is being lifted up from the water of time with a new appearance each time. Memory box can be a place, a person, or an event. These fragmented memories are unstable and even distorted to state the exact fact, but still tells a story. And altogether this accidental but inevitable story tells who I am.

I like to visualize what I feel, but is difficult to express in words. I work on projects concerning questions of everyday life surrounding me. I try to create photography works that are unique and original.