2019 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Tee Lip Lim

This series explores the appreciation of big male nudes in all their beautiful curves, bumps and imperfections. Discovering the realities of the LGBTQ community by revealing the layers of fragility, insecurity, desires and love. Their identities are protected and respected as it is still a taboo in the societies and cultural norms they live in. Nevertheless, they are sons, brothers, nephews and uncles to families whose ideologies and mindsets differ from them. The struggles are real.

I believe every moment is a discovery and learning experience. I relish every opportunities to create and produce interesting still and moving images that create a juxtaposition to highlight certain relationships. Arts has always been my hobby since young, dabbling with painting, sketching, craft-work and the digital media. Whereas photography is a means for me to find a balance presenting both truth and fiction; Conveying the captured moment of the vision in my mind's eyes to the viewer is exhilarating and actually cathartic too.